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DIDATTICA ( Teaching Resources )

  1. 7th Conference on Mathematical Chemistry
  2. Access Excellence
  3. ACDLabs, Educators Page
  4. ACS Continuing Education Programs
  5. ACS Division of Chemical Education (DivCHED)
  6. ACS Education Programs
  7. ACS Examinations Institute
  8. ACS Short Courses
  9. Active Learning In Chemistry Education (ALICE)
  10. Advanced Placement Chemistry
  11. A guide to Valence shell electron pair repulsion (VSEPR)
  12. A guide to Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR)
  13. Amazing Science at the Roxy
  14. American Chemical Society Continuing Education Virtual Campus
  15. Ask Dr. Science
  16. AskERIC (Educational Resources Information Center)
  17. Association for Science Education (ASE)
  18. A Timeline of Symmetry in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
  19. Atoms, Molecules and Chemical Reactions
  20. Baggie Science
  21. Balancing Equations Tutorial (Wake Forest University)
  22. Basic chemistry for non-majors
  23. BioChemNet
  24. BioQUEST
  25. British Educational Communications and Technology agency (BECTa)
  26. CalTech Chemistry Animation Project
  27. Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) Manual
  28. Carmen Giunta's classic chemistry page
  29. Center for Chemical Education (Miami University)
  30. Center for Science Education (Portland State University)
  31. Center for Science and Mathematics Education (University of Southern Mississippi)
  32. Center for Science Education (University of Virginia-Charlottesville)
  33. Centre for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education Research (Waikato University - NZ)
  34. Center for Science and Mathematics Education (Universit� di Utrecht, Paesi Bassi)
  35. Center for Science and Mathematics Teaching (Tufts University)
  36. Center for Studies in Mathematics, Science and Environmental Education (Deakin University - AU)
  37. Center of Excellence for Science and Mathematics Education (University of Tennessee-Martin)
  38. Chem101
  39. CHEM101 Experiments
  40. ChemCom HomePage
  41. ChemDoc's Chemistry Tutorial Online:quizzes
  42. ChemEd - Chemistry Education Resources
  43. ChemEd-L Archives: Updated Daily
  44. Chemeet World (italiano)
  45. Chem-4-Kids
  46. Chemical Education Resource Shelf
  47. Chemical Bonding
  48. Chemical Bonds, Molecular Shapes, and Molecular Models
  49. Chemical Demonstrations
  50. Chemical Demos
  51. Chemical Of The Week
  52. Chemical Stuff
  53. Chemie:in german for german HS
  54. Chemistry Bonding Images
  55. Chemistry Books for Students & Chemical Engineers
  56. Chemistry ConcepTests
  57. Chemistry Courseware Consortium
  58. Chemistry Demonstrations
  59. Chemistry Drill and Practice Tutorials
  60. Chemistry Education Discussion List (CHEMED-L)
  61. Chemistry for High School Teachers
  62. Chemistry Functions
  63. Chemistry Glossary
  64. Chemistry Home Page
  65. Chemistry Hypermedia Project
  66. Chemistry Info Centre
  67. Chemistry Internet Resources for High School Students
  68. Chemistry I Resources
  69. Chemistry II Resources
  70. Chemistry in the Community - Teachers Resource Centre
  71. Chemistry Jokes
  72. Chemistry Lecture Demonstrations
  73. Chemistry Problem Sets
  74. Chemistry Resources
  75. Chemistry Student's Helper
  76. Chemistry Teacher Resources
  77. Chemistry Teaching Resources
  78. Chemistry Teaching Resources
  79. Chemistry Teaching Resources (Svezia)
  80. Chemistry Test 1
  81. Chemistry ToolBooks at UNCW
  82. Chemistry Tutor
  83. Chemistry Tutor: thinkquest
  84. CHEMystery: An Interactive Guide to Chemistry
  85. Chemnet Educational
  86. ChemSkill Builder
  87. ChemTeam:A Tutorial for HS Chemistry :John Park
  88. Chemtutor
  89. ChemViz
  90. Chimica-Online
  91. Chimica 2000 On-Line (in italiano)
  92. Chimica: Scienza delle materie
  93. CIRRUS - Chemistry Internet Resource for Research by Undergraduate Students
  94. CIStudio
  95. Class Size in Science Laboratory Rooms
  96. Clearinghouse for Chemical Information Instructional Materials - CCIIM
  97. Collaborative Computational Projects
  98. College Chemistry
  99. Compiled Chemistry Sites
  100. Computers in Teaching Chemistry
  101. ConcepTest Collection
  102. Council for International Exchange of Scholars
  103. CTI Centre for Chemistry (University of Liverpool, UK)
  104. Curriculum Links for Science Teachers
  105. Didaktik der Chemie (Universit� di Erlangen)
  106. Die Schulchemie Website
  107. Didattica della Chimica (in italiano)
  108. EDUCATION:chemical
  109. Education Index
  110. Education World
  111. EdWeb
  112. Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science
  113. EPA Student Centre
  114. Eric's Treasure Trove of Chemistry
  115. Exercises in Electrochemistry
  116. European Chemists' Net
  117. Fisher's Teacher Tips
  118. Flinn Scientific - Chemistry
  119. Frontier High School Chemistry Class
  120. General Chemistry Lecture Demonstrations
  121. General Chemistry: Starting points for students
  122. General Chemistry Virtual Textbook
  123. Global Instructional Chemistry
  124. HGS: molecular modelling kits
  125. High School Chemistry
  126. High School Chemistry 250+ Links
  127. High School Chemistry Resources on the Web
  128. High School Chemistry Sites
  129. High School Chemistry Teaching World Wide Web Resources
  130. HyperChemistry on the Web
  131. HyperChemistry on the Web - Experiments you can do at home
  132. Household Chemicals
  133. How do you go about balancing Chemical Equations by inspection
  134. Indiana University Chemistry Library Gopher
  135. Institute for Chemical Education (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  136. Interactive Chemistry Tutorials for GCSE Science
  137. Interactive Instructional Text - Organic Chemistry Laboratory Exp.'s
  138. Internet Chemistry: Redox
  139. Introduction to Basic Organic Nomenclature
  140. Introductory Chemistry
  141. IPPEX Interactive Physics Modules
  142. Ivan Kassal's Chemistry Experiments
  143. Journal of Chemical Education Online
  144. Kids & Chemistry Catalog
  145. La Chimica intorno a noi
  146. L'assistant IUPAC
  147. Lawrence Hall of Science
  148. Learning & Problem Solving in Chemistry
  149. Life, The Universe, & The Electron (Science Museum, London)
  150. Mark's Chemistry Tutor
  151. Masters in Biotechnology
  152. MathCad Applications in Chemistry
  153. M.C.H Multimedia
  154. Miami University Center for Chemical Education
  155. Molecular Modeling for Chemical Education
  156. Molecular Models Tutorial ( Eastern Oregon University)
  157. Molecule of the Month
  158. MultiCHEM
  159. Multimedia Organic Chemistry Courseware
  160. Multimedia productions for chemistry education
  161. National Center for Science Education
  162. National Institute for Science Education (NISE)
  163. National Mole Day Foundation, Inc.
  164. National Plastics Center & Museum Experiments of the Months
  165. National Science Education Standards
  166. National Science Teacher's Association
  167. Nelson Chemistry Resource Page
  168. NetBiochem
  169. Network for Chemistry Teaching
  170. Niskayuna High School Journal of Student Science Research Activities
  171. Organic Reaction Quizzes and Summaries
  172. Paul's Chemistry Lab
  173. Pericycle Reactions: Practice Problems
  174. pH Tutorial Launch Pad
  175. Philosophy of chemistry
  176. Pianetachimica.it
  177. Polymer Project
  178. "Ponder Chemistry" Lessons Index
  179. Principles of Chemistry
  180. Problem and drill exercises (California State University)
  181. Project LABS (Learning About Basic Science)
  182. Project SEED
  183. Proton NMR Tutorial (Wake Forest University)
  184. Quia! Chemistry Games
  185. Radioactivity: Historical Figures
  186. Ralph Logan's home page
  187. Redox reactions
  188. Resources for Chem Teachers
  189. Rosen's Chemistry Resources
  190. RPI Chemistry Interactive
  191. Science (and Chemistry Education) Is Golden:HS chem and folding p-table
  192. Science and Mathematics Education Centre (Curtin University of Technology - Australia)
  193. Science and Mathematics Initiatives (The Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project)
  194. Science and Technology Education Center (Tel-Aviv University - Israele)
  195. Science Education Associations Home Page
  196. SCIENCE IS FUN in the Lab of Shakhashiri
  197. Science Resource Center
  198. Science Teachers' Resource Center
  199. Science Teacher's Resource Page:chem/bio demos for HS
  200. Science Teaching Resources Catalog
  201. Sepup Modules
  202. SimChemistry for Windows
  203. Smile Program Chemistry Index
  204. Socrates Chemistry Test Bank
  205. Spectra of Salts, Flame Test
  207. Steve Marsden's Chemistry Home Page
  208. Teaching and Learning
  209. Teaching Our Youth Science (T.O.Y.S.)
  211. Texas Instruments Classroom Activities
  212. The Alchemy virtual library
  213. The A through E approach to Problem Solving in Chemistry  (Okanagan University College)
  214. The Catalyst: Chemistry Resources For The Secondary Education Teacher On The WWW
  215. The Cavalcade o' Chemistry
  216. The Chemical Educator
  217. The Chemistry Calculator Project
  218. The Chemistry Helper
  219. The Chemistry Hypermedia Project
  220. The Chemistry Page
  221. The Chemistry Place
  222. The Chemistry Research Center
  223. The Houghton-Mifflin Resource Site for Instructors of Chemistry
  224. The Learning Matters of Chemistry - by Yue-Ling Wong
  225. The Macrogalleria
  226. The Mole Hole
  227. The Network for Chemistry (The University of York, UK)
  228. The pH Factor (Miami Museum of Science)
  229. The Three States of Matter
  230. The Virtual Chemistry Classroom
  231. The World Lecture Hall
  232. The World Of Chemistry
  233. The Woodrow Wilson National Leadership Program in Chemistry
  234. Tom's Chem Quiz Page
  235. Topmarks
  236. Tutorials for Chemistry
  237. US Graduate Program Ranking
  238. U.S. National Library of Medicine Educational Technology Branch
  239. Virginia Tech Chemical Education Hypermedia
  240. Virginia Tech Chemistry Course Material
  241. Virtual Laboratory
  242. Virtual Laboratory: Ideal Gas Law
  243. Virtual Laboratory: Particles In An Atmosphere: Mean Particle Speed and Escape Velocity
  244. Virtual Scrapyard
  245. Web Portfolio - Science Education
  246. Wilton High School Chem Resources!
  247. Wonder Science Magazine
  248. World Chemistry
  249. World Of Chemistry Study Guides
  250. X-ray Tech



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